Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (2023)

What is the longest you’ve ever waited for a text back? It can be sometimes very frustrating when waiting for someone to text you back.

Is there a limit to how long you should wait?

In this article we’ll discuss:

How long to wait for a text back

Reasons you didn’t get a text back

Mistakes guys make while waiting

How to avoid the problem

Let the texting test begin!

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Ah, dating…

Beautiful, yet frustrating.

Do you agree?

Of course, you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t even be here.

Have you forgotten how frustrating can it be?

Let me remind you, and later help you avoid the frustration and become the master of texting girls.

Let’s dig in.

The Frustration of waiting for a text back

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (7)

Imagine this very basic scenario.

Everyone has been in this situation at least once (quite a few times more than once, but let me be optimistic here).

And the thing about this example is-it is universal.

This happens when you are on Tinder or when you meet a girl in a bar or a club or a library, and even with your own girlfriend (hopefully only at the beginning of the relationship though).

This rarely happens on hookup sites (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) but more likely to happen on sites like eHarmony where people seek serious relationships.

And what is that?

Things seemingly go perfectly while you are texting back and forth, and then she goes radio silent!

Now, you’re playing it cool for a few minutes, maybe even hours.

“No big deal, she will text back.”

Then a few more hours pass, even days sometimes, still no response – the anxiety begins o show its ugly face.

“Is she avoiding me? Did I say something wrong?”

Things get even worse if you see she has been online, on even left you on ‘seen’.

Your ego is at stake now, you get angry and get a burning desire to let her know she has crossed some imaginary line and timeframe you expected her to answer.

What do you do?

Waiting for a girl to text back is the subject of this text, but maybe not how long should it take for someone to text you back since that depends on her, but how long to wait for a text before giving up.

You know, so you can keep your ego in check and your anxiety level low.

The Problem

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The problem with this is easily explained.

Nobody likes to be ignored but we react differently.

Girls, they will probably just forget that you even existed and will not bother replying to you after some time they have declared an appropriate period to wait.

They get so many messages on Tinder anyways to sit around and stare at the screen waiting for you, specifically to reply.

She has her hands full to start with.

Unless a girl is really pathetic or a complete uggo, and you are her only option, in which case you do not even want to text her, to begin with.

You do not trust me?

Check the statistics of the average number of matches and messages girls have versus guys.

Guys, on the other hand, have a few instinctive reactions to being ignored, and we are here to ‘cure’ you from them, or at least keep you from reacting this way since those reactions basically lower if not destroy your chances (unless, again, a girl you are interested in is a complete mess).

Read on to see what you could do wrong if you behave instinctively.

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (8)

When the girl leaves you hanging, waiting for her to text back usually makes you want to do one of these things.

All of them are a product of either the fact that you really, really like her, or your need for attention, or, well, fill in the blanks yourself; you know why you want her to respond so badly.

The mistakes are not ordered by the cringe factor, they just happen naturally based on your personality and motives.

And, be honest, at one point in your life, you have done at least one of these things.

1. Take an aggressive approach

Lashing out is never the answer to successful communication.

And why do you think that taking back compliments and insults would help you get a normal response in the first place?

Let me give a few examples:

If you compliment her by saying she seems like a nice person and that is the last thing you typed, it is not ok to send something along the lines of “Or maybe not” if after a few hours or even days she does not answer back.

The same goes for texts like “It is polite to say thanks when somebody pays you a compliment”, and especially for texts like “Answer, bi*ch!”

Even if she was busy with work, traveling, or whatever she was up to, and still planned to text you back when she got the chance, the odds for that are slim to none now.

In the slim chance, she answers you now and not blocking you right away you would get a response along the lines of a flat ‘ok’, ‘Dude what’s your problem?’

‘Cause, nobody needs a drama queen in their life.

She will just continue swiping and messaging somebody who does not act all psycho.

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment, would you answer nicely to something like this?

2. Guilt trip

A complete opposite from the aggressive approach when you get all “she takes hours to text me back” anxious is taking the guilt trip.

What is the example?

Apologizing as if you had killed her puppy: “I’m so sorry, have I offended you somehow?

It always happens to me, I should just never try dating ever again…” and so on.

You get the idea, right?

Let me ask you something: What are you trying to do here?

Get her to answer you with “Hey, don’t be like that, let’s have coffee tomorrow.”

Not gonna happen.


Again, drama queen alert.

The best-case scenario, if she’s really patient this can happen “Don’t be like that, someone will come your way, but it is not me.”

This approach also blows it.

Neither of these two approaches will pass.

Trust me.

Nobody, and I really do mean NOBODY wants to see this in their inbox.

They want fun, wordplay, teasing, sharing…

There is a mistake you can make even if you managed to wait for her text without going psycho on her. (I will tackle the question of “should I wait for her to text me” later on, so stay tuned.)

3. Needy and clingy

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (9)

So, she answered. And you are excited.

And that is nice.

But then you go and answer the text the second you receive it and be all like “I’m so happy to hear from you again”, “I missed you” “There is no woman more beautiful than you” “Oh, thank God, you’re okay, I was so worried” and so on and so forth.

You think it is great to show appreciation like that, meanwhile, in her mind the cringe factor skyrockets.

If you have texted for a few days you are not worried if she does not answer, you are bored and horny, and you do not miss her.

The thing is, she KNOWS that.

So -bye, bye boy.

(If she’s your girlfriend and she has gone without texting for more than usual, then you are entitled to this feeling.)

Also, showering her with dozens of messages an hour only tells you you are clinging and have no life of your own.

Do you honestly enjoy the incessant Tinder beeps when you are on a meeting or in a bar with your guy friends and accidentally forgot to switch to silent?

Well no, it is disturbing your routine, and does not allow you to continue with your day (I mean unless you are the bragging type).

Anyway, girls usually have options and she will opt for someone keeping her on her toes, and not a guy who spills everything out, right at the start.

Reasons Why She Is Not Answering You

To set your mind at ease, let me remind you that the fact the girl you were texting with is not replying to you, sometimes has nothing to do with you per se.

She can like you very much and still take hours to respond and there are quite a few reasons for that from practical to emotional ones.

She’s been busy

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (10)

Is she in college, does she have a job?

Maybe she has a paper due, or a deadline, or a promotion coming up, or a colleague has called in sick so she has to pick up the slacks, or…

Well, you get the idea.

She literally may have a hard time reaching for her phone and respond to you as promptly as you would like in order to feed your ego and your soothe your worries.

She has a life of her own.

Aside from work and school, she may need to run some errands, do the made-of-honor stuff, look after her niece, or something.

You may even cross her mind yet she has no time at her hands and is waiting for the opportunity to relax and get to texting.

Imagine her surprise when she does get to her phone and sees that you did something like offending her or overwhelming her.

Like that is what she needs after a long, hard day (she has a boss or a bridezilla for that, man).

Personal problems

She got into a fight with her family.

She is “those” days, does not feel sexy, and can’t have a decent conversation with another human being without crying. (You send her a photo of your dog, she cries over how cute Buddy is, and you think she’s psycho- yes, taking a few hours off from texting keeps her from scaring you away).

Not to extend the list of possible personal issues that can befall her- life can happen and you know it, so leave her at that.

Because how stupid would you feel if you lashed out and she tells you “Dude, my grandma died yesterday.”

She is not interested

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (11)

To paraphrase a famous movie title “She’s just not that into you”.

Yap, that can happen too.

I am very sorry to burst your bubble but not every girl on this planet will like you.

She may think that you look good on Tinder photos, or in real life, she finds your hobbies interesting yet there is no spark, you do not tickle her fancy.

Everything is lukewarm instead of being hot.

If that happens on a real-life date, either you have no game, or she doesn’t, in which case you can possibly do something after a while, or there is simply no chemistry between you- you know, pheromones and stuff.

If, on the other hand, you are texting stick around to get some advice on how to spice things up.

She is cautious

This, my friend, is the most important thing you need to understand.

Girls hear about (internet) predators all the time.

(Video) Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Official Video)

They are warned not to talk to strangers, and how nasty boys can be from the moment they get their first kindergarten crush.

And what are you to her?

A stranger.

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She knows you from your photos or a short convo (one or both of you may have been drinking).

And, you are probably not the first she’s been chatting with, so she starts wondering if she is rushing in this (again).

She may have been hurt before, or she thought that someone was a great, funny guy but he turned out to be a psycho.

What to do?

To put it as a brute: Get a life!

Seriously, go out with your friends, clean up your apartment (way overdue, right?), call your mom, watch a movie, go for a run…

Do whatever you think of besides texting her.

Especially if you are getting angry or hurt or frustrated. Wait it out.

The answer to ‘should I wait for her to text me first?’ is yes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will not be waiting for a long time.

How Long to Wait Before Texting a Girl

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (18)

I have heard this question more times than I can count – from the people paying for advice, through my friends and even my brother.

The”she didn’t text back how long should I wait?” angst is real, and you are not alone.

If you are wondering how long is too long to wait for a text you have come to the right place to get the answers.

I will give you some options here since there is no universal rule that works every time and with every girl.

There is no magic trick.

And, to top it all, dating coaches’ opinions vary.

Which is why you can get a coach of your own to help you in the specific situation you are in.

Meanwhile, check this out and give it a go, try what works for you.

Option 1 – The 24-72 rule.

How long should I wait to text her if she doesn’t text back?

Wait up to 3 days to send a text after she has gone silent on you.

This is not a strict rule, and it does not work every time, because maybe she will not text you at all after you have sent that last message.

In this case, move on.

Why wait for three days?

First of all, you will avoid appearing needy and creepy- which will make her trust you a bit more.

She will think that you have a life or even other options – which is where her ego comes in.

She will have enough time to finish all that she needed to do and, if she liked you at all, she will text you back.

Option 2 – The mirror technique

This is quite simple – mirror her responding patterns.

If she takes a few minutes to answer as prompt as she is.

If she takes hours, well, do not open the message but wait for an approximate time.

This goes for days as well.

This approach will make you seem mysterious, and your conversation will be balanced which can make her think that you are on the same wavelength.

Needless to say that that helps with your goal.

Option 3 -Ask her out without hesitation

Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (19)

Another popular opinion is to ask the girl out and not wait for her to text you at all.

This will spare you of the wandering completely

The trick with this approach is the timing of your question.

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You have chatted for a while, and there are two instances in which you should react.

Either the conversation is going great and you are having fun or the conversation is dying out and you need a salvation maneuver.

When things are rolling- ask her to take the fun to the outside world.

There is no need to give you the catchy phrases here since you are already doing well.

When the conversation is dying say something along the lines of “Listen, I’m more of an in-person person, and texting is not really my thing.

Would you be up to meeting me?” and to avoid being boring and cliché, add a joke like “But, first you need to PROMISE me that you are nor a psycho with a knife”.

Play with gender stereotypes and common dating warnings.

Cling onto something you have talked about and make the joke apply to you.

With asking the girl out, out is important never to do this at the very beginning of the conversation-she will think that you have only one thing on your mind and you will be deemed creepy and aggressive and will blow your chance to ever get to where you want with her.

Avoiding the Problem

To get your game on right from the start and keep her wanting more of your text here are a few proven advice.

Get to know her

This does sound quite obvious, but if you notice that a girl likes a certain TV show, or has an interesting hobby, use it to keep the conversation going.

Say she likes Game of Thrones.

Open with: I hope you will not wear my face on our first date as Aria could.

She thinks you have things in common, she knows you can joke and she will catch on you assuming that you would go on a date.

Response guaranteed.

(Running) jokes

Running jokes are even better than one-time bursts of humor.

Let’s take the same situation- The GOT girl.

Instead just asking “Hey, what are you up to now?” Ask “Out and about channeling Aria again?”

It should put a smile on her face and prompt her to answer you.


Getting a Text Back - How Long Should it Take in 2023 (20)

Teasing is dangerous territory, yet if kept in terms of wordplay and puns, and just making her think about that without sounding genuinely creepy and pushy, teasing can be a fun way to boost your conversation.

Keep it decent, and if you notice resistance, pull back.

Go over the top

Use capital letters to emphasize that you are joking.

This actually goes well even when she texts her after you have been waiting for her text: “OH MY GOD. I CAN FINALLY PULL THE SCOTCH TAPE OFF MY EYELIDS. I WAS FRAID I WOULD FALL ASLEEP AND MISS YOUR TEXT!”

She will know you did not actually tape your eyelids, she will get the message that you waited, and the exaggeration will seem charming.

Get creative

When she asks you perfectly normal first-date questions answer something completely absurd and possibly a bit naughty.

If you are a teacher do not say you are a lawyer, but you can say that you are teaching 2nd grade kid spies.

After a while, it is important to get real.

You can’t spend days SCREAMING on her phone.

Dial it down, and ask her out. Get real but save the important and serious stuff for a real-life date.

Final Advice

There is no exact rule that says how much time it should pass between texts.

I have given you some tips, and tools and rules and everything you need to tailor your conversations to where you want them to go.

I have also tried to confront you with some ugly truths so, make a mental note to move on after a few days if she does not show interest.

Do not beat yourself (or me?) up.

There is no cure for bad chemistry, but there are other girls.


How long is reasonable to wait for a text back? ›

Reply within 30–60 minutes to play it a little cool.

Even though you might be really excited to message them, you might seem a little needy or clingy with an immediate response. If you want to play it cool, wait for up to an hour so it doesn't seem like you're always on your phone checking for their reply.

When should you text again after no response? ›

It can be concerning if a guy doesn't text within 4-7 days. However, it is better to wait for at least a week and then know the reason behind it before getting all worked up. Should you text again after no response? Wait for at least three days before sending a follow-up text.

Why do people take forever to text back? ›

Sometimes people don't respond as a way of deliberately signaling they're annoyed, or that they don't want to continue a relationship. Turkle says sometimes taking a long time to write back is a way of establishing dominance in a relationship, by making yourself look simply too busy and important to reply.

When a girl takes 24 hours to text back? ›

So, if you're messaging a woman and she takes a long time to text back, it could be that she's ignoring you. Or, it could be that she's genuinely very busy. If you don't know her schedule well, you'd need more information to figure out which of these options applies to you.

What is too long for a text back? ›

Time-sensitive messages should be answered as soon as possible, while you have more time for nonurgent ones. But not that long. Gottsman, speaking "from a polite factor" believes you should respond within a day.

What is the average text response time? ›

95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent. (Forbes) (Tweet this!) 39. Average response time for a text is 90 seconds.

Is it rude when someone doesn't text back? ›

Sure, it's polite and respectful to respond to messages and answer questions as soon as possible, but taking a few hours — or even days — to do so doesn't always mean someone is actively trying to be rude or disrespectful toward you.

How long is too long to wait for someone? ›

It depends upon how much you value the person and the amount you value your time. If the person is more valuable to you than the time; Then you will wait longer without it bothering you. But there is a limit for most cases. On average, no more than 10–15 minuets.

Should I text him after a week of silence? ›

Waiting 2–3 days or up to a week before reaching out gives him a chance to text you first once he realizes what he's missing. If you've waited more than a week and still haven't heard back from him, it might be time to move on.

What is the 24 hour text rule? ›

The earliest rule of texting over a first time is to be thoughtful and to work with your verdict. If you're not sure whether or to not text the date, wait at least 24 hours before you send out a message. In that case, you'll prevent appearing obsessive or energetic.

When a guy takes 12 hours to text back? ›

What it means when he takes 12 hours to reply. Sometimes it means he's busy, and other times it could mean he's not that interested. When a guy takes a long time to reply to your text, it could mean a few different things. First, it could mean that he's swamped and doesn't have time to respond right away.

Is it better to respond fast or slow? ›

If you think the answer is easy, respond fast!” It may not seem like much, but a second or two could make or break a job interview. People who answer questions after a delay are seen as less sincere than those who respond quickly, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

What to do if a girl is not replying fast? ›

What to Text When She Doesn't Respond You
  1. 1) Be Bold. You want her to notice you, so be bold. ...
  2. 2) Tease. Poke fun at her a little bit, “Jeez lady, my Grandma texts back faster than you and she's 85!” ...
  3. 3) Talk Up the Future. ...
  4. 4) Be You. ...
  5. 5) Don't Push It.
Jul 9, 2020

Why do girls wait forever to text back? ›

There are so many reasons why a woman might be taking a long time to reply to your texts. The most likely of all explanations is that she's probably just busy. Haven't you ever put your phone down somewhere and gotten lost in a hobby, a good book, or a project at work?

What do you do when a girl slowly stops texting you? ›

7 Things to Do When a Girl Doesn't Text Back
  1. Take a Step Back. The first thing to do is to just take a step back and gather yourself. ...
  2. Learn about Female Nature. ...
  3. Distract Yourself by Texting Other Women. ...
  4. Focus On Bettering Yourself. ...
  5. Don't Double or Triple Text. ...
  6. Try Again in a Day or Two. ...
  7. If In Doubt, Walk Away.
Jan 24, 2023

How do you deal with late replies? ›

Try something like this: Thank you so much for your thoughtful note last month! Also, my apologies for the slow reply; transitioning into this new role has been a little overwhelming, but I'm excited.

What is dry texting? ›

Dry texting is what happens when someone gives you short, non-engaging replies in a texting conversation. It can also be super repetitive and just plain boring, says Claudia Cox, a relationship coach and founder of Text Weapon.

Why hasn't he texted me back? ›

Most of the time, when a guy doesn't respond to a text immediately, he's just busy. Either he is busy with work, or maybe he's visiting family. He could also be running some household errands. Give him some time, and he'll get back to you.

How many days should I wait for a text? ›

While waiting for 1 – 3 days is definitely good advice. It's not the only way to deal with an unresponsive lady. More important than timing is the content of your text. Say the right thing, and the conversation is back on track.

What does it mean when someone takes too long to reply? ›

It's also possible they're busy or overwhelmed at work and don't have time to reply, or they keep opening up your messages without remembering to reply. No matter what excuses there may be, one fact usually remains true: The longer the lag, the less that person likely values the conversation.

Why does it hurt when someone doesn't reply? ›

Why Does Being Ignored Hurt? When someone ignores you, you may start feeling unworthy, unimportant, or unlovable, especially if you are blatantly ignored by someone you care about. Whether it's your partner, parent, or boss, it is entirely natural to feel hurt when you don't get the response you expect from them.

What do you text someone who is ignoring you? ›

Texts to be sent to someone who's ignoring you
  • 01/6Texts to be sent to someone who's ignoring you. ...
  • 02/6“Are you alright? ...
  • 03/6“I'm here for you whenever you want to talk” ...
  • 04/6“I'm sad that we aren't talking right now” ...
  • 05/6“So this happened today…” ...
  • 06/6“I'm sorry and I respect your space”
Jun 2, 2021

Is it unhealthy to wait for someone? ›

Waiting Can Be Emotionally Draining

You may feel stressed, anxious, or unsatisfied that your partner isn't invested as much as you are. Waiting for someone who doesn't want a relationship at all could set you up for heartbreak in the future.

Is it disrespectful to keep someone waiting? ›

It's very frustrating to wait around endlessly for an appointment that has been scheduled earlier. Alerting you in advance about the delay could help, so all parties involved can alter their schedules too. But when they keep saying 'five, ten or twenty minutes' and keep you waiting, it's very unprofessional.

How long should I wait for someone who isn't ready for a relationship? ›

Masini said, "Give yourself six months or three months or one month, whatever works for you, to figure out whether you would rather stay in a casual relationship with this person, or move on to find a commitment on lock with someone else."

What is the give him 3 days rule? ›

Popularized by the romcom, the three-day dating rule insists that a person wait three full days before contacting a potential suitor. A first-day text or call is too eager, a second-day contact seems planned, but three days is, somehow, the perfect amount of time.

Why do guys go days without texting? ›

Key Takeaways. If a guy does not text you back immediately, there might be valid reasons like preoccupation with work, wanting some space, or being just not into you. When he does not text you back, do not bombard him with texts. Focus on yourself and go out and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Why hasn t he texted me in 2 days? ›

If it has been less than a couple of days then try to not let his lack of contact bother you. There is a good chance he is busy and this is nothing to worry about. Get home from work, put your phone on aeroplane mode and avoid checking your WhatsApp status or social media activity.

Should I double text after 3 hours? ›

Double-texting, or messaging two times before someone responds, is viewed as taboo in modern dating. While double-texting can feel bad, therapists say there is no rule for how much you should text. If you feel bad about double-texting, put your phone down and let the other person reply at their own pace.

Is it inappropriate to text late? ›

When is it okay to send a text or an email? "As a general rule, you shouldn't text somebody after 9 p.m. It may be seen as an intrusion of privacy, or they may feel you're inserting a sense of urgency that doesn't need to be there.

Is it OK to text all day? ›

Why texting constantly isn't always healthy. “Texting all day can be a sign of a codependent relationship,” warns Gordon, who adds that by engaging in it, you risk giving up your independence in the relationship. This can have repercussions, not only in the relationship itself, but when and if you break up.

How often should a guy text you back? ›

It's going to vary from guy to guy. Some guys are more talkative than others. Still, a few text messages a day are proof that he likes you. You should look for three to five messages a day, unless you strike up a conversation, then look for more.

How to make him miss you? ›

10 proven ways to make a guy miss you
  1. Deliberately leave things behind. ...
  2. Give him some personal space. ...
  3. Make him wait before replying his texts. ...
  4. Take things slow. ...
  5. Wear a unique perfume. ...
  6. Add some mystery to your experiences together. ...
  7. Have adventures with him (and your friends)
Jan 18, 2018

Should guys text back fast? ›

Quick responses generally mean he likes you.

Also, look at how consistently he responds quickly. If he responds to your messages quickly all the time, it's a great sign he's interested. Try this: Ask him: “What're you up to?” and check both how fast he replies and what he says.

Will he text you if he likes you? ›

In conclusion, if he likes you, he will text you. How guys text you when they like you varies, but some are consistent. For example, a guy will ask many questions about you, text first, compliment you, send emojis, make you laugh, find reasons to talk to you, and give hints for a date.

Is replying fast a turn off? ›

Is responding too fast a turn off? Out of 132 people who participated, 89% (118 people) voted that texting back quickly is a TURN-ON and 11% (14 people) voted TURN-OFF.

Is it rude to leave someone on read? ›

Yes, it's a bit lazy and can feel somewhat cruel if you've already established mutual interest or even commitment, but leaving a message “on read” is the non-confrontational method of “letting someone down easy.” Unfortunately, not responding is commonly done to get across the message of disinterest.

Is he ignoring me or just busy? ›

If you're not sure if he's ignoring you or just busy, try texting him something more interesting. A “hey” is like, asking to be ignored. Even if we weren't busy, we'd find something to do just to not respond to a “hey.” But, hey, he might just be busy. The only way to find out is to stop being so boring.

Is she ignoring me or just busy? ›

How do I know if someone is ignoring me or just busy? Watch how they eventually respond to you. If the arch is: apology and then proactive offer of action - they were just busy. If it's apology and no follow up action - they're ignoring you.

How long should I wait for her to text me before giving up? ›

A week gives the person enough time to thoughtfully respond.

Even though it's a little old-fashioned, some people will wait 3 days after a date to text you back to make you miss them more. Waiting any longer than a week could be a sign they're not interested, and it might be best to let the conversation die out.

Should I text her again if she doesn't reply? ›

If you're texting with a busy bee, just give her at least one day to respond. If she hasn't responded after that, then maybe she has forgotten you because she's busy. In that case, it's best to resume the conversation in a calm, light-hearted way.

Do girls like good morning texts? ›

A good morning text makes us feel great.

We think it's sweet. In all honesty, it used to be fail-proof — now, getting that "GM" text is just cliché and boring. Guys, any woman who is interested in you will appreciate you texting her to let her know that she is on your mind.

Why does a girl play hard to get? ›

She is probably feeling insecure around you and trying to make herself feel more confident by playing hard to get. Some women need to do this to feel confident around guys. She just wants to see how interested in her you really are. She wants to see if you will lose interest if she stops showing interest in you.

How quickly should a girl text back? ›

Try matching the other person's texting speed.

If the person responds to you within a few minutes, they're probably pretty eager to keep up the conversation so say something back to them quickly. If the person took about a day, then you're fine leaving the text until tomorrow before you have to reply back.

How long to wait if she doesn t text back? ›

It is not the same for everyone, but here is a rule of thumb: wait at least a day and no longer than three days. This time frame will help you avoid looking desperate or annoying.

Why did she stop texting all of a sudden? ›

If she stopped texting you every day, there are chances that she is into someone else, however blunt it may sound. It is possible that she is no longer interested in you. She may be seeing someone else who is taking up all her time, leaving no room for you.

Is it rude to not reply to a text message? ›

Ignoring messages is frowned upon in these always-on times. At its most egregious, dropping out of communication is condemned as “ghosting,” which, in the years since the term became widespread, has become a deadly sin of digital communications.

Is it rude to read a message and not reply? ›

Yes, it's a bit lazy and can feel somewhat cruel if you've already established mutual interest or even commitment, but leaving a message “on read” is the non-confrontational method of “letting someone down easy.” Unfortunately, not responding is commonly done to get across the message of disinterest.

What to do when someone hasn't texted you back? ›

Give Them Time To Reply To Your Text

If your initial message to them wasn't an urgent one, it's important to give them some time to reply. There are plenty of reasons they might not get back to you right away — they could be busy at work, not in the mental space to chat, or dealing with bad cell service.

How long is too long to not hear from a guy? ›

Give it a few days (or even a week).

Waiting 2–3 days or up to a week before reaching out gives him a chance to text you first once he realizes what he's missing. If you've waited more than a week and still haven't heard back from him, it might be time to move on.

Is being left on delivered worse than read? ›

Being left on unread is much worse of the two because it will keep them wondering. They will keep hoping. Be anxious and will stress them out, even a bit depressed why you don't open the message.

How long is too long left on read? ›

Being left on read for an hour or even a day in the appropriate circumstances shouldn't be cause for you to totally give up on a person, but if it's been a few days with nothing on their end, you'll probably feel better yourself if you start to move on.

Why do people leave you on read? ›

Yes, it's a bit lazy and can feel somewhat cruel if you've already established mutual interest or even commitment, but leaving a message “on read” is the non-confrontational method of “letting someone down easy.” Unfortunately, not responding is commonly done to get across the message of disinterest.


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